How would even, straight teeth impact your self-esteem? Would you feel more confident in social or romantic situations? Would you be more likely to pursue career advancement?

Most Americans perceive an attractive appearance as a major personal asset and confidence builder. Dr. Tony Ratliff recommends custom, porcelain veneers to transform the smiles of his image-conscious patients.

Because not everyone can wear veneers, cosmetic dentist Dr. Tony Ratliff will begin your consultation with a comprehensive exam to assess your oral health and existing dentition. If he finds you are a veneer candidate, he will listen carefully to your vision for your smile, take measurements of your teeth and facial structure, and make notations about your skin tone, eye tilt, and jaw angle. A ceramic lab will craft your veneers to his exacting specifications. Within two to three visits with Dr. Ratliff, you’ll have the smile of your dreams!

If you would like to know how a celebrity-quality smile could enhance your lifestyle, call the Noblesville office of Dr. Tony Ratliff today. We create beautiful smiles for patients!

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