Root Canal Therapy

When a tooth incurs significant damage, the nerve within the tooth root can die. This results in tooth death and can lead to the need for extraction. However, Dr. Ratliff views tooth extraction as a last resort and saves many teeth through a simple root canal procedure.

Dental advances have made root canal procedures easier and more comfortable than ever. At Stony Creek Dentistry, your comfort is our main concern. We can even use sedation dentistry to help you stay completely comfortable during your root canal treatment. Many patients find themselves so relaxed that they can drift off for a little nap. Dr. Tony Ratliff will gently clean out the diseased tooth canal, fill it, and top it off with a crown to prevent further infection. The whole procedure usually only requires one visit, and then you’ll be on your way with a fully functional, healthy tooth.

If decay has damaged your tooth beyond what a filling or crown could repair, a root canal may help you avoid tooth extraction. Call the office of Dr. Tony Ratliff today if you think you may need a root canal.

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