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Teeth Whitening

02 October

Popular, safe, and effective, teeth whitening has given patients across the world a reason to smile. Your appearance can affect you socially, emotionally, and even in business successes. People who smile with confidence are viewed as warm, inviting, and beautiful. Now, with professional whitening systems,  Stony Creek Dentistry can help you achieve the pearly whites […]


02 October

If the thought of wearing dentures fills your mind with visions of limited food choices and embarrassing moments, consider this. Today’s dentures provide durability, reliability, and comfort. The light-reflecting materials used in the dentures that restorative and cosmetic dentist Dr. Ratliff recommends look more natural than ever. For the ultimate in reliability, request implant-supported dentures. […]

Dental Implants

02 October

No doubt, a missing tooth can negatively impact your image, but did you know it also compromises your oral health? When a tooth is missing, the surrounding dentition shifts, destroying the integrity of your bite. Your jawbone also deteriorates at a rapid rate, beginning almost as soon as you lose a tooth. Do missing teeth […]